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    Report Code of Conduct Violation

    Anyone intentionally providing false or inaccurate information through an Incident Report Form will face appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action, at the discretion of the Office of Student Standards and Accountability. Reports involving criminal behavior will be provided to the Washington State University Police Department for proper referral.

    As a suggestion, you may wish to compose and save your work in a document on your computer, then copy and paste the text into the appropriate response boxes on this form. This may prevent any loss of your hard work due to any unexpected technical difficulties.

    Date of Incident
    Time of Incident
    Location of Incident
    First Name
    Last Name
    Local Address
    Local Phone
    You Are

    People Involved
    Has this incident been reported to the police?

    If so, which police department?
    You are referring this information to the Office of Student Standards and Accountability for what purpose?
    Please describe what took place


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