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    This form should be submitted after you have determined academic misconduct has occurred. As per WAC 504-26-404(1)(c), "The student has twenty-one days from the date of the decision letter to request review of the instructor's determination and/or sanction(s) imposed to the academic integrity hearing board."  Therefore, the accused student must be allowed to remain in the class and submit coursework and exams until the twenty-one day appeal window has elapsed.  In the meantime, please note the following grading procedures:

    • If you have decided to fail a student in your course due to cheating or plagiarizing, please send a written request now to the Registrar’s Office (registrar@wsu.edu) to give a grade of “X” to the student. This will prevent the student from withdrawing from your class to avoid a failing grade. If the student has withdrawn prior to your being able to submit the “X” grade, you may ask the Registrar’s Office to reverse the “W” and place the “X” grade on the student’s record.
    • If the student appeals, a hearing will be arranged with the Academic Integrity Hearing Board.  You will be notified that an appeal has been submitted, and you may be asked to participate in the hearing.  After you have been notified of the outcome of the hearing, you may direct the Registrar’s Office to remove the “X” grade so that you can enter the final grade on the grade roster in Zzusis. This will ensure that your grading statistics are accurate.
    • The Registrar’s Office will not place a registration hold on the student’s account, because that hold will block all student activity for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from any class on his/her schedule, which is overly punitive.


    To effectively process this form and to protect your rights and that of the student under the Standards of Conduct for Students, please fill out the form completely and email the requested documents to standards@wsu.edu. All documents that pertain to the case (e.g., student exams or papers where cheating has allegedly occurred) must be submitted in their complete, original form. This complaint cannot be processed without full required documentation.

    Reporting academic misconduct goes on a student's discipline record (not the transcript), along with a reference to whether they were found responsible or not responsible. Additional educational sanctions are assigned by the Office of Student Standards and Accountability, such as taking a plagiarism tutorial and writing a paper on their behavior, depending on the circumstances. If a student has a second academic integrity offense, for which he or she is found responsible, the case may be referred to the Conduct Board for consideration of suspension or expulsion.

    Please remember - in your letter notifying the student of the violation, you need to put that the student has 21 days to appeal. Below is an example statement taken from our template for faculty to use. There is also a complete sample letter in the brochure that you can download in the right-hand sidebar.

    I will forward a copy of this letter, a copy of my syllabus, and copies of the evidence to the Office of Student Standards and Accountability. You have the right to request a review of my decision. If you wish this decision to be reviewed, you must make your request within 21 days of the date of this letter. Use the online form available here. I recommend you contact the Office of Student Standards and Accountability at 509-335-4532 if you have questions about the appeal process.

    Email the following documents, and any additional related documents, to standards@wsu.edu:

    1. Your letter or e-mail to the student documenting your meeting or attempt to meet including a summary of your findings.
    2. Your course syllabus which must have a statement about academic integrity and how proven allegations are resolved.
    3. A copy of the offending work or information upon which you based your decision.

    As a suggestion, you may wish to compose and save your work in a document on your computer, then copy and paste the text into the appropriate response boxes on this form. This may prevent any loss of your hard work due to any unexpected technical difficulties.

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    Faculty Guide to Responding to Academic Integrity Issues

    Download the brochure here.

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